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events speaker 

Henry Blofeld, the quintessentially English cricket commentator, writer, oenophile, bon viveur, collector and national treasure, fondly known as "Blowers", is the ideal public speaker for any formal occasion. Henry is now available and open to enquiries for addressing corporate or private functions and gatherings, auctions and so forth.

Having spent recent years touring the UK and internationally with a his solo show, and in partnership with former TMS producer Peter Baxter. Henry is adept at entertaining large audiences with fascinating, hilarious, anecdotes all delivered in his own inimitable style.

Whether a short feature, or a longer address, Henry is the ideal speaker for an occasion that demands class, performance and entertainment.

After Dinner Speaker

Blowers is an adept and uproarious after dinner speaker and nothing would delight him more than to be able to rummage in the recesses of his professional memory to provide delightful anecdotes to you and your guests. With a bountiful supply of charm and wit, and a lifetime of stories at his fingertips, Blowers is the go-to chap to give a terrific after dinner speech. 

Dinner with Blowers 

Come and meet me for a chat, a glass of wine (or two) and a great dinner.

Bring up to seven guests so that we have a maximum of 8, that way we all get to know each other and we can have a real laugh. With a larger party you can't do much more than scratch the surface and no one really gets to know anyone. I can promise you we will all have the greatest of fun. We'll talk about the TMS commentary box and all the characters who have inhabited it and goodness knows what else besides. Ian Fleming, James Bond and my dissolute uncle, Ernst Stavros Blofeld will all get a mention.

All you have to do is give my inestimable agent, Ralph Brünjes, a ring to fix all the details so pick up that telephone and we'll have a tremendous evening. We will of course send you all the details of  so you can check it out for yourselves! It'll be a memorable evening alright, I can promise you that.


When you want to get hold of me please give my splendid agent, Ralph Brünjes, a ring or send him an email via the contact page on this website. 

He will be ready, poised to talk to you on 0207 820 9332 and then he'll be onto me in a flash.