Hello My Dear Old Things!

The bubbly, boisterous world of Blowers knows no full stops. His idiosyncratic form of cricket commentary is unique. His one-man shows - he even played at the Albert Hall - has packed people into theatres all round the country. His stories about Ian Fleming, Noel Coward, Clive Dunn and others have brought the house down.


Back by popular demand!

Even more untold stories from TMS!

Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter cordially invite you to join them on a trip down memory lane to discover fascinating untold stories from the Test Match Special commentary box and beyond.

Hear tales from across the globe with exclusive behind-the-scenes adventures about the characters that make TMS so special.

New for the Edinburgh Fringe Festivsal 2014, get 'direct from the booth' insights from the Ashes and the latest on the continuing turmoil in cricket.

This hilariously entertaining show is for both cricket and non-cricket lovers alike.

Toodle-pip for now!


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